Adding Custom Fields to POs, Outline Agreements, and RFOs

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Adding Custom Fields to POs, Outline Agreements, and RFOs

List Item Add custom fields to the customer include structures I_EKKODB and I_EKPODB
List Item Create a project via CMOD for enhancement MM06E005.
List Item Follow the documentation for MM06E005, and create the subscreens for function group XM06 using transaction SE80.

SAPLXM06 0101 Subscreen header purchase order                                                                             
SAPLXM06 0201 Subscreen header outline agreement                                                                          
SAPLXM06 0301 Subscreen header RFQ                                                                                        
SAPLXM06 0111 Subscreen item purchase order                                                                               
SAPLXM06 0211 Subscreen item outline agreement                                                                            
SAPLXM06 0311 Subscreen item RFQ                                                                                          
List Item Add fields to the appropriate screen. I reccomend calling the screen fields EKPO_CI-name or EKKO_CI-name. This simplifies transferring data to/from the screen.
List Item Put code in EXIT_SAPMM06E_018 to transfer data from subscreen to structure E_CI_EKPO.

example: e_ci_ekpo-zz_field1 = ekpo_ci-zz_field1.                                                                         
         e_ci_ekpo-zz_field2 = ekpo_ci-zz_field2.                                                                
List Item Put code in EXIT_SAPMM06E_016 to transfer data from database to subscreen using structure I_CI_EKPO.

example: ekpo_ci-zz_field1 = i_ci_ekpo-zz_field1.                                                                         
         ekpo_ci-zz_field2 = i_ci_ekpo-zz_field2.                                                                                  
List Item In the PBO of the subscreen, do any processing to make fields display only, or hide them. If you need values from the main screen to make decisions in the subscreen, define variables in the global data part of the function module, and fill the variables in EXIT_SAPMM06E_016 (PBO of main screen) Make sure everything has been activated (user exists, screens, etc.)

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