List of methods to FTP from within SAP

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List of methods to FTP from within SAP

When you first transport a program, all elements of a program are transported along with the source code. This includes any variants that have been created at this time

The last method is the easiest, in that you do not have to remember any arcane codes. Go to the ABAP editor, and go to the variant screen. Under the Utilitles menu is Transport Variant. This allows you to choose the variants to transport, and the transport to put them in.

After the first time a program has been transported, there are two ways to move a variant. The first method is to manually add an entry to the transport for the variant you want to move. The format of the entry is LIMU VARX xxxxxxxxName_of_the_variant where xxxxxxxx is the program name.

SAP supplied function modules (

See example


Write a unix script and call it via CALL SYSTEM

Create a command through transaction SM69 (and execute via SXPG_CALL_SYSTEM) that call the script with parameters.

NOTE: ftp can accept commands from a file, and it is often useful to create a file containing the commands, and pipe the file into the ftp command.

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