Understanding Date Selections Using the HR Logical Database

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Understanding Date Selections Using the HR Logical Database

Sample screen - click to view an example screen. This might make the description below a little clearer.

When you enter dates into the selection screen of an HR logical database, it is important to know what each selection means, and what SAP does with the entries.

The key values provided by the Logical Database are the start and end dates. These values are stored in the values PN/BEGDA (Start Date) and PN/ENDDA (End Date). Depending on what option the user chooses in the Period box, different values are put in PN/BEGDA and PN/ENDDA.

An example will make things much more clear. Assume that today is June 5, 2000 (2000/06/05). The list below shows what the value of PN/BEGDA and PN/ENDDA will be for each of the six options.





TodayUses the current date for both of PN/BEGDA and PN/ENDDA.2000060520000605
Current MonthFrom the first day of the month to the last day of the month2000060120000630
Current YearFrom the first day of the year to the last day of the year2000010120001231
Up to TodayFrom the first day of the year to the current date2000010120000605
From TodayFrom the current date to the end of the year2000060520001231
Other periodWhen only one value is entered, of PN/BEGDA and PN/ENDDA and set to the same value. Otherwise of PN/BEGDA is the first field, and PN/ENDDA is the second fieldN/AN/A

Person Selection Period

When you enter a person selection period, the system selects only those employees who are members of the company on at least one day in the specified period. These are persons with a valid Organizational Assignment (0001) record. Entries in the standard selection options fields limit the personnel numbers that are selected.

You can specify an interval by entering the 'from' and 'to' dates in the left and right columns respectively.

The following reporting options are available:

The entire period - If you make no entries, the system sets the lowest and highest system date as the 'from' and 'to' dates.

Part periods - You can specify an interval by making an entry in the left and right columns. If you enter only the highest date, the system automatically sets the lowest date.

The values PN/BEGDA and PN/ENDDA are used to bring back a list of employees that meet the date parameters, plus any other selection criteria that may be entered elsewhere on the selection screen.

New Site Address: http://abap.mirrorz.com

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